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The W.F-T coating factory was founded in 2010 in a very humble factory garage in Shengang District, Taichung City. The word “factory” in the brand is also born from this; W and F are the abbreviations for “envelope” and “factory”; T stands for Taichung, and the boss loves Taichung, this beautiful city.

Before the boss invested in the professional technology of car wrapping, he liked many things around DIY, and often modified his own rides, ranging from two wheels to four wheels. One day a very good student in high school asked the boss to help pull two imitation racing lines on his car, and the boss did it perfectly! The joy and sense of accomplishment after the completion of the work at the moment opened up the motivation for the boss to specialize in car coating technology.

Until today, in the WF-T coating factory, customers insist on handling every piece of work by themselves. In that era when no one was taught, they could only explore all the coating methods and techniques by themselves, and then pass these skills to the right Friends who are interested in enveloping. It’s been more than 10 years now, and the enthusiasm for envelopes is still only increasing.

Customers often ask me how long I have been studying?

I will answer, “I am still learning so far. I will learn as long as I do it.” The car models are constantly changing and changing. We have to learn how to paste each car again, right?